Do you want to increase Instagram engagement in 2021 & drive traffic to your website to boost your sales?

If so, you need to keep yourself more engaging with your existing customers or followers to acquire new ones

Here, I am going to share some tips to increase Instagram engagement in 2021. And in this blog, we are about to cover all these tips and tactics. This will, directly or indirectly, help you in driving traffic of your targeted audience to your website.

But before moving forward to the tips, I think it is equally important for you to understand Instagram ranking factors.

Ranking Factors That Will Help You To Increase Instagram Engagement In 2021 –
Well! At first, instagram always wanted that every user of its platform should be consistent. Users should spend as much as possible time on instagram so that they can sell more ads.

Hence TIME & ENGAGEMENT are two main important factors for instagram which decides direction of your content. If your content is full of aesthetics & valuable, users spend more time on your content & engage with your content.

After all said , you have always kept in mind that instagram wants users to be engaged on instagram. To hit your target you have to form your strategies in the same direction.

So now, if you are ready let’s get started with the tips and techniques that you can use to increase user engagement on your Instagram account and drive traffic to your website as well.

#Tips & Tactics to help you rank better and increase Instagram engagement in 2021
1. Optimization of your Instagram bio: Instagram bio is the very first thing that grabs the attention of the visitors when they land on your profile & In bio you should tell them the most attractive & interesting thing about your brand which forces them to scroll down and ultimately follow your page.

Still, your bio is not just a enough place to tell about your brand,you have to make your profile easy to find by using primary keywords. By using these two ways you can add the primary keywords in your profile.

First, you can add the primary keyword in your profile name. second, you can use primary keywords in your username.It will make it easy for your targeted audiences to find and follow your profile. You can also use symbols/emojis in your bio to make it more attractive to the visitor’s eyes.

2. Use of relevant hashtags : Instagram allows its users to follow specific hashtags which can help you to be discovered in the feed of people who are interested in the topic you cover but are not following you.

Thus, by using appropriate, related, product centric and strategically targeted hashtags in your post and stories can help you enhance engagement and attract new followers which can turn out to be your prospects and can be converted into more customers for your business.

There are some tools like Tailwind, Keyhole and Social Info which you can use to find the most relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts and stories.

3. Create informational & educational posts:

The most engaging content types on Instagram are infographics or educational posts. These posts provide the user specific information about their area of interest and increase the number of saves on your post, which is vital for Instagram algorithms.

Look it that way, the more saves you get on your posts, the Instagram algorithm will find it more interesting and boost the reach of that specific post. And these posts will also help you in establishing user engagement. As the post is informative, people like to share their opinion and discuss the topic which ultimately enhances engagement on your post.

So, you see, always try to share informative graphical content or posts which not only bring value to your target audience but also to your products and services.

4. Appropriate use of long videos : you might be aware that 60 second is the maximum time that Instagram allows you to share video on your post, not enough, right? So, what if you want to post longer videos? Well, you can post longer videos on IGTV and share its preview on your Instagram story and feeds.

Now, you need to make people spend more time on your content, so the longer your videos are, the more time people spend on your content. When you make people spend more time on your content it will not only engage them on the platform but also drive traffic to your website through the link in IGTV video description.

As we have already mentioned earlier, Instagram wants you to spend more time on the platform and to keep your audience on the platform for a long duration, you need to post long videos. It’s not only you and your followers but also Instagram loves your content and gives you a wider reach among the relevant audience.

5. Post Interactive & valuable stories : Story format of Instagram has evolved a lot since it was launched a couple of years ago. It is unceasingly bringing up new interactive stickers that allow its user to engage with the brand instead of merely being an audience.

Questions, Quiz, Polls, and countdown are some of the interactive stickers on Instagram that enables you to make your audience spend more duration of time and keep them engaged on your content. For instance, if you are about to post a story or long informative video, put a countdown sticker in your story which allows your audience to set the reminder when the countdown ends. Or put a question sticker to know what the majority of your audience is expecting or want your next video about.

6. Use of story highlights to show your main products : Using story highlights, you can add stories to appear on your profile right below your bio even after the original story disappears. Now, if you’re selling products or offering services, story highlights can be used as a catalogue from where users can visit your website and learn more about it.

For examples, if you’re an affiliate marketer then you can add your best selling or popular affiliate products in the story highlight. This way whenever a user lands on your website, they can go through all the tools recommended by you.

Instagram story highlights are really a vital section of your profile and you must leverage it to create awareness about your offerings to the first time visitors and drive them to your website

7. Ensure micro-blogging in description :Instagram is a platform for sharing pictures and there is no doubt that pictures are worth thousand words. Nonetheless, to add more effectiveness, a combination of a picture with an enthralling story would do great.

Instagram can be used as a micro- blogging platform which allows you to go thoroughly into the topic, share an experience or tutorials with your audience in the caption. The perks of doing this is that users will spend more time on your posts and initiate conversation in the comments which eventually enhance engagement and boost reach of posts.

8. Make relevant use of reels: Instagram Reels are featured to the majority of users just a couple of months back and already picked a sonic pace among the users . The feature is brought into existence as a response to the popularity of TikTok and a way to create similar content within the Instagram platform.

The features of Instagram reels differ from Instagram stories and IGTV. This feature of Instagram allows you to add music, AR effects and much more which enables you to create engaging content. You can use this feature of Instagram in making short videos in order to attract appropriate audiences.

So, just show your creative skills and make the most out of this Instagram feature and rain over the traffic on your website or make the visitors follow your profile at one go.