Social Media Marketing For Real Estate is like electricity, now it depends on how you use it? Y ou can cook your food or cook yourself through it; your choice. It can improve or ruin your market reputation depends on the social media strategy you apply for your business in front of your targeted audience. Sometimes it becomes a big challenge for real estate developers to manage social media presence and market their brand on social media, because of trilled marketing knowledge.

80% of the buyers search for their new home online; they want all information about the property on the internet before they visit physically over there. This information does not only mean an informative website.

The online search of user completes with following things:
> Detailed project details on website
> Photos and videos on Google My Business
> Trustworthy reviews on GMB, Facebook and other sites
> Social Media Updates on progress of the project
> People talking about the brand on social media

Discover The 5 Challenges:

Read on to discover the challenges faced by real estate developers in implementing the right social media strategy:

Challenge 1: Importance given to quantity of posts
Those real estate developers who are active on social media groups and pages focuses on too many posts rather than quality post on only real estate. This happens when social media sites like Facebook, Instagram are decreasing organic reach.

Challenge 2- No communication plan
Nowadays, social media is an asset for real estate developers. Rather than focusing on the right strategy, developers are wasting their precious time by posting anything that looks good to them. In order to engage audience, it is necessary to understand – what customers love to hear from a brand.

Challenge 3- Inconsistency
The shortcoming of social media is that it takes great time and effort to manage even a single thing. Like replying to messages and comments, posting consistently, etc. And most of developers treat social media like print media, so try to get active, once a new project is going to be launched.

Challenge 4 – Integrated Approach
Most of the real estate marketing has two separate plan- online communication and offline communication. This leads to disparity and differences in communication in both the media. Rather than considering social media channels as a tool, it is dealt separately, with least coordination with branding team.

Challenge 5- One size fits all
In today’s scenario, social media marketing is moved beyond customer communication and engagement; and deep-level targeting is possible. But the print media approach of reaching the masses leads real estate developer to target everyone in a specific area.

To help home buyers find their new place real estate developers should work out making some guaranteed result strategies like

How To Overcome Social Media Challenges In Real Estate
Social media platforms must be used consistently to receive consistent ROI; inconsistency will not drive a particular traffic to your website. Any individual real estate developer who is handling their social media all by himself should be committed with a posting schedule that feels comfortable for him, without adding any unnecessary pressure.
Quality of posts should be given prime importance. Also, the posts should be seen from a user point of view, by asking a specific question – Does it value to my potential customer’s life?
A social media communication plan should be integrated with other marketing activities like offline brand activation, radio bytes, TV Commercial, Print ads, etc.
Social Media plan should have a particular room for spontaneous post and effective marketing strategy to make perfect real estate content plan.
Adding positive reviews to your Facebook page; make sure your clients can book appointments with you, by messages.
Participate in local Facebook groups, do not try directly selling your product, give them mind mingles, show them stars about why they should buy a new place whether on installments or for an Investment.
Increase your networking by social media, and become a recommended seller.
Instead of grabbing attention via pictures, upload the places professional shot video to get bonus points to process call to action strategy.
Use Facebook live for real estate marketing – it will let you provide a behind the scene, unedited look of the property. It will give your follower a feeling of an inside scoop.
All you have to do is to sit back and set up exciting content which people like and love to share!

May be due to busy schedule; if you can’t handle all by yourself – Why not leave on professionals? Outsource your social media workload to a good social media marketing agency and get results in a few days.