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Being “the boss of all search engines”, needless to say Google enjoys the utmost popularity of the web visitors. To help you promote your products, services or business to your targeted customers over the web, Google offers its advertising programs to the businesses all over the world, which is popularly known as Google Ads Campaign management.

Before you proceed to try your luck with Google Ads campaign, you should keep in mind all the steps associated with Google Ads campaign set-up and management and here is an overview about how you can get started.


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How can Google remarketing services help my business?

Only 2% of the first time visitors to a website convert into customers! Moreover, 68% of online shoppers, on an average, abandon their shopping carts on ecommerce websites! Now you can bring back the visitors who went away from your website thanks to remarketing. With our powerful remarketing services, you will find first time visitors coming back to your website and converting into buying customers. After all, it has been found that a returning visitor is nine times more likely to purchase than a first time visitor! We can help you focus your marketing efforts on repeat visitors through customized PPC ad displays.

How will you approach my Google remarketing campaign?

While many websites are concerned with only attracting maximum traffic, at Varitas, we focus on one more analysis parameter: the bounce rate. No matter how many users you are able to direct to your website, it is the bounce rate that decides the effectiveness of your page. What you want is minimum people bouncing off your website without exploring or performing any profitable actions. However, even if you have bounced visitors in your traffic, we have the perfect solution to bring them back with a more favorable intent. These first time visitors might have reached your website in search of your product or service but were not able to make the purchase decision. Our remarketing strategies can change the minds of these indecisive customers in your favor. Moreover, we can also help you chase those visitors who populated their shopping cart but did not go through the buying process. By displaying personalized PPC ads to users who have previously visited your website, we are not only increasing your visibility, but also improving your brand recognition among potential customers.

Why should I choose Varitas IT PVT LTD remarketing services?

Since we target users who have already shown interest in your website, our remarketing services for PPC ads have proven to be highly effective for a variety of clients in numerous domains. In fact, with our remarketing services, you can strengthen your overall marketing effort by fine tuning your target demographics to exactly match your potential customer profile. Go back to convince interested users who are just a nudge away from choosing your products/services! Reach out to the bounced visitors with a more focused marketing approach! Gain from our effective remarketing services to bring back the lost ones to your website! Do you wish to make customers come back to your website with a stronger and more positive intent? If you want to capitalize on the bounced visitors in your website traffic, call us now!

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