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Facebook holds the apex position amongst the social networking websites and the second-highest position amongst all the websites exists out there. According to recent data, there are 500 million active members on Facebook, in which there are over 900 million objects that people interact with, like pages, groups, events and community pages. So, just think how efficient placing your product’s or service’s advertising will be on these pages. Promoting your business through Facebook ads is no more a hard attainable marketing goal, with our Company professionals services, Facebook Advertising would be at your doorstep at a very nominal cost.


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Why you need to advertise on Facebook?

Facebook has inbuilt functions that can easily attract a lot of businesses to place ads on Facebook. The ads can be customized to target audience - Specific location and specific category of people. The flexibility Facebook gives to marketers is abundant. Your ads as they pop up in the users’ FB timeline, seem natural and there is a trust factor, which you can cash in. Facebook provides hundreds of targeting options. As per your business needs, you can also target age, gender, interests, relationship status, etc. to reach out to your potential customers.

Why Facebook PPC is important to your business?

Facebook is a premier social media network and with its more 1 billion users, you have an immense opportunity to reach out to your potential customers while they are accessing Facebook. If you want to crack your sales funnel, Facebook PPC is the right choice for you. It provides a social voice to your business and increases customer engagement. It is a great way to stay connected to your customers. You can easily market and promote your brand, products and services and even strengthen your relationship with your target audience.

Why should I choose Varitas IT PVT LTD for Facebook PPC services?

We have the best in-house team of social media advertising experts, who are well-versed with the trends and patterns of social media advertising. For you to attain maximum profitability, they will chalk out a marketing plan that is based on cost per sale or lead you expect to achieve through Facebook PPC. The experienced designers will create optimized ads that has the potential to increase leads and also revenue over a period of time. Once the campaign is set, the team will analyze your data regularly and optimize its performance.

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