Who We Are

Who We Are

Varitas IT Pvt Ltd has been building web based software solutions since 2017. We bring traditional software engineering methodology and discipline to Web development - delivering robust solutions quickly and efficiently at lower cost. We respect deadlines, understand budgets and stand by everything we develop.

Despite our focus on engineering, we know that looks do matter - both in terms of the image you present to the world and the ease of use that good graphic design can lend to the user interface of a software product. Our portfolio contains examples that showcase our graphic and human interface design skills.

We believe that a company can aspire to achieve their objectives only through development of their human resources. We continuously interpret and anticipate the changing world of work to turn them into opportunities. Let us tell you about our flexible approach to solving your requirements and how we can support you in the development of your human capital.

Our clients are our partners; we act together to solve their immediate and long-term business goals.

More About Varitas IT Pvt Ltd

The best results are obtained by tasking the right people to the right project?

We understand that everybody has their unique strenghts and we put that knowledge to use by assembling to most efficient team possible for your project. You know your business better than anyone. Your insights, combined with our skills and creativity, will result in branding and marketing that truly stand out. We're ready to get started.

Our Vision

To emerge as the Most Trusted Recruitments Service Provider in the Industry, anchored on the Values of Growth, Professionalism, and Transparency & Accountability.

Once a partner and forever after, we shall be your Real Partner.

Our Mission

We bring success to our clients, continuously contribute toward enhancing their corporate value, care for people and deliver results through innovation

Our Values


  • Integrity & Innovation

    Honesty & transparency in what we say, do and think and Forwarding thinking, planning and execution to expand our horizons.

  • Collaboration & Creativity

    Power of working together and Committed to continuous improvement.

  • Achievement

    Committed to quality and accountable for results.

  • Respect

    We welcome diversity and differences of opinion.

  • Excellence

    To be rocognised as the best.